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Trudy’s Talkback August 2012


trudy draperIt’s all change at the top of Wight Fair Writers Circle; Carol Bridgestock is stepping down as chairman and Maggie is taking over.  Carol found she was trying to split herself  too many ways and something had to give.  She and hubby Bob need to concentrate on their writing career and so Maggie Jones has kindly offered to take over the helm.  The group owes Carol a huge vote of thanks for the countless hours she has put in for our benefit and we are all very grateful.  Thank you very much Carol.

Maggie has always been there supporting Carol as her right hand man and so we know she will do a grand job for us in the coming years.  Maggie will be supported by Chris Brammell as her deputy and Linda Edge as secretary.  We are very lucky to have people willing to take on these duties, so thanks to all.  We do appreciate you all.

The other main change is the competitions will now be run separately so we can concentrate on writing at each club meeting and not fund raising.  We hope all members will agree with this new idea.   Carol is going to find the time to keep running the competitions for us.  She is contacting the charities now for our Christmas competition, which this year will include short stories plus poems.  We need to find a way to encourage schools to be more involved – any ideas gratefully received.  Entry fees will stay the same £2 for under 12’s, £2 for under 18’s and £4 for adults whether story or poem.

As usual our group has been very busy on projects:

David, a nurse at Sevenacres, loves coming to our group for inspiration and is writing the familiar story of the three little pigs from the big bad wolf’s point of view.  Novel idea.

Anne Jones (our new member) moved to the island a year ago and has been writing for several years.  She has been to a writers’ boot camp and is now full of advice.  Anne has lots of ideas for short stories but needs help to boost her confidence and stop procrastinating.  Let’s hope we can help her.

Carol and Bob are running a workshop each day Friday 12th to Sunday 14th October at Brading Church form 10am to 12 noon.  Let’s hope they are well supported.  Their books are selling well in paperback and e-books and they are working on a project as advisors on a crime drama.  Deadly Focus has now come out in audio books.  Their constant hard work is reaping rewards.

Anouska has been busy; she has finished the second draft of The Window Boy and another story called Dimensions that she would like Mel to read over for her.

Louise is working on a short novel of a sad romance – up to 50,000 words – and she told us of an author who self published all her work online.  Her work – called purple romance – became best sellers and she makes a good living.  Worth a thought by all of us.

Irene has been equally busy, she wrote chapter 12 of the group’s book Abbott’s Bay and featured in an article in the Beacon of the book she has written about the Brading ex-wren Margaret.  Irene’s book will also contain photos of old postcards, ration books etc  that Margaret kept all these years.  Irene is going to self publish the book at a cost of 80p a copy, which will retail at £5.99.  Well done Irene on a great achievement and she is now looking forward to getting back to her own book.

Linda: Irene is also helping Linda to meet up with Ken, who did the layout for her book and they will discuss Linda’s SQ2SQ book.  Linda reported that her book is going well with nine more chapters to go

Maggie has completed the re-write of her story and has finally found a title – THE LONDON BOYS.  Now she is working on the synopsis, blurb, premise etc.  Keep going Maggie you are nearly at the end.

Members once again are busy, busy, busy with many projects.  Well done everyone.

(written from notes by secretary Linda Edge.)

NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON FRIDAY 5TH OCTOBER, 7PM AT MAGGIE’S HOUSE.  Please let her know whether or not you will be at the meeting.

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Trudy’s Talkback July 2012


trudy draper

We have become a very vibrant and successful writing group and so there are many changes to report this month to cope with our growing club.  Due to the natural growth of the Wight Fair Writers’ circle we feel we must change a little.

The club meeting at the end of July debated these important changes and the main ones to take onboard are:

  • Carol to step down as chairman as she and Bob are now so busy with their writing careers that there are not enough hours in the day.
  • Officers to be appointed – chairman, deputy and secretary.
  • Several spin offs are planned.  One will be a separate committee to organise the group’s two annual competitions.  This will allow more time at the regular monthly meetings to talk about members’ writing.  The competition sub committee would then report back to the monthly meeting the highlights and free up time for other discussions.
  • Suggestions that the group break for two months in the summer and for one month in January – decision to be taken at the next meeting on SEPTEMBER 7th at Carol and Bob’s house.
  • Subs of £6 a year to be collected from each member in January – new members will get first meeting free of charge.
  • All members to fill in membership form so information such as meeting changes can be sent out to everyone instantly.
  • Members are asked if they wish to discuss anything at length – eg advice on their own writing – then they are asked to tell Maggie in advance so item can be included on agenda.
  • All these items are open for discussion at the September meeting.  Carol and Maggie are very willing to hear all views.

ABBOT’S BAY – club novel: some members said they had not received Linda’s excellent chapter – another reason to complete the members’ form to make sure contact details are up to date.  Irene has kindly offered to write the next chapter by the next meeting.

CRIME AND INTRIQUE COMPETITION 2012 run by our group was a huge success creating a total now of 15 published authors on the island in the last three years, besides our internal winners and many more money for local charities.  Well done to everyone concerned who helped out – you were brilliant.


Irene: many congratulations to Irene after hearing from John Medland of the Beacon, who is interested in meeting up and talking to her about publishing some of the story about wren Margaret.  He is very interested in island based stories and keen to her Margaret’s tale.

David Harfield is a new member: writes in the genre horror and cannibalism and recommended Stephen King’s book on writing.  David said it was a good read and contained very helpful writing tips and hints.  In September, David starts an OU course so good luck David.

Val: it was lovely to see Val back at the meeting and she talked about her cancer and said she might like to write a first hand experience of her journey.   She was encouraged by other members to give it a try.

Anouska: talked about her story Dimensions and is pleased with it and fellow member Mel has offered to read it.  Anouska is worried what Mel might say but was told by others that sometimes it is a good idea to get an outsider to read a story, who will be honest.  Mel will be.

Maggie: it trying really hard to get on with the re write of her story she has renamed The London Boys.  Another project was a 10,000 word story for a competition but she was not able to get the word count down in time for the deadline.


Written from notes by Carol and Maggie.


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Trudy’s Talkback June 2012


trudy draper

Only a few days to go now for one of the highlights of the Wight Fair Writers’ Group year.  We will be holding our summer prize presentation evening on June 27th,  when we hand out prizes in the Crime and Intrigue Competition.  Once again we are really lucky to have Newport Minster as our venue.  We hope as many of you as possible will be there for this very enjoyable occasion.

The group held its monthly meeting on June 1st when we had a record 12 people present.  The members included Mel who is back 10 months after having her baby and the group welcomed two new members.  We are a thriving group of writers.  Unfortunately, two people were missing; Val was unwell – we hope you feel better and are back with us very soon and technology failed yet again so Trudy unable to Skype and join in the fun.  Fingers crossed for next time.

Back to the presentation evening – thanks again to the police who are going to present a mock crime scene with fingerprint equipment available to make badges.  We are pleased to say the new High Sherrif Nick Hayward will join us; also IW council chairman and vice chairman plus Steve Beynon will be there.  CHRIS will be looking after them for the evening.

LINDA has volunteered to stand at the door handing out leaflets about the evening when the guests arrive and sell raffle tickets for the IW Young Carers.  CAROL will buy a fruit basket and other raffle prizes for the youth carers raffle.  ANOUSKA aka Andie Penn will be entertaining us all with juggling and magic tricks.  THE WHOLE OF OUR GROUP will be running the refreshment stall – so get your chef’s hats on and bake a cake – hopefully  Maggie, Helen, Louise and Trudy will run stalls; BOB will be MC and CAROL will be helping him with our two guest presenters, Heather McCallum and Kate Young.

Unfortunately, this competition has not had the participations we were hoping to get from the island schools. One suggestion is that next year the Crime and Intrigue Competition is opened up so mainlanders can enter.  This would encourage more people to enter and more money raised for our chosen charities.  No decision has yet been taken.  We could keep the Christmas competition for islanders as we have found we tend to get more response from local schools for that one.  Carol said that it was important next time to choose a charity, which could participate in the competition.

The judges for the Crime and Intrigue are Maggie, adults; Chris under 18’s; Carol (or Kate Young under 12’s; and Mel our in house contest.

Our novel ABBOT’S BAY HOTEL – we ran out of time to discuss anything about our story but Louise has written chapter 10 – to be forwarded to all shortly – and Linda is to write chapter 11.

We all introduced ourselves and our new members told us a little about themselves.  HELEN DITE has joined as she is having trouble with structuring her book.  Carol will give Helen and Linda the useful  timeline we were shown at our college course.

EIRA GOLDSWORTHY has joined the group with over 30 years experience in publishing children’s books and Bible stories.  She is also an illustrator.  Eira has recently completed four books about how children learn to respect one another.

We welcome both to our small group and look forward to finding out what they can bring to it and what we can give back to them.

CAROL AND BOB will be at Tonbridge Castle Arts Festival with their publishers on 23rd June and BOB is giving a talk on 29th June at Sandown Library – pop in if you are nearby.  They start their next tour on July 9th in Poole before heading to Bournemouth, Lymington, Southampton and Portsmouth Waterstone – you can follow them on their blog

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 6th July 2012 at Carol and Bob’s house Bridan, 17 The Mall, Lake Hill, Sandown, PO36 9ED.  Telephone 402393 or mobile 07771305841.  PLEASE LET CAROL KNOW IF YOU ARE ABLE TO MAKE IT ON THE NIGHT, MANY THANKS.

Written from the notes of Maggie.

DON’T FORGET TO JOIN US ON June 27th at Newport Minster. We need your support.


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Trudy’s Talkback May 2012


trudy draperWe are on the home straight now for getting entries into our Crime and Intrigue Competition.  So remember the closing date is May 27th.  Entries wanted in all sections and members of our group don’t forget the in house contest as well.  Everything is on track for the prize presentations to take place on June 27th at Newport Minister; all the charities involved have been asked if they want to run their own stalls to raise money for their causes and Anouska has kindly volunteered to be Andy Penn again.

The group had its monthly meeting on May 4th when six people attended with three giving apologies.  Carol told us about a useful website to look at – .  Hayley offers a service as editor and creative writing consultant to work with authors at various stages of their projects; also runs a monthly short story competition; and needs information from writers who have self published as she is writing a book on the subject.  So have a look at her website for information of all the above.

ABBOTT’S BAY: The group’s novel – Abbott’s Bay – is now up to chapter 10 to be written by Louise (Val is not quite up to it yet, get well soon Val).  The older or do I mean longer serving members of the group have now all written one chapter so we will have to go round again and also involve new members when they are ready.  This project is going great guns what a great idea; I seem to remember it was one of Bob’s.

We have to decide how to cope with re writing the chapters; we could ask people to rewrite someone else’s chapter but nothing has been decided.  Make your ideas known at a future meeting please.  We are a democracy and want to hear what everyone thinks.

Carol talked about LinkedIn the largest business networking site, which is a bit of a mystery to most of us but has proved invaluable to Carol and Bob.  So, why not take a look and join.  LinkedIn should not be dismissed as it is a very valuable tool in any business for contacts according to Carol and it certainly looks as though it has helped our pair of new authors.


Val:  She hasn’t written anything for publication but has been busy writing short stories and is off to Camber Sands for a holiday and will research her novel.

IRENE: is bringing her story of Margaret the Wren to the next meeting for advice on story layout and picture use.  Through talking to Margaret, Irene has met contact Mike North, who has written his own story and is going to share research with Irene.  What a friendly bunch writers are.  Irene has given herself a deadline for the story as she is having an op in June.

ANOUSKA: has been busy with lots but nothing to do with writing.  She is busy with her magic circle and in training for her sponsored walk at the end of May so no time for writing.  Good luck with the walk!

MAGGIE:  waited six weeks after sending off blurb, synopsis and three chapters of her book to a publisher and when they didn’t reply contacted them to find out they had not had her original pack.  Everything was resent and Maggie heard last week that they were not interested.  Never mind, Maggie has just finished her 85,000+ new novel and Carol’s parents, Ray and Betty, are going to read it and give an honest opinion.  Why do we put ourselves through this?  Good luck with that Maggie.

CAROL AND BOB: have just returned from a two week UK book signing tour of Waterstones and WH Smith.  Catch up with them on their blog or through their website.  Carol is developing this and Bob will do a BPV (Bob’s Personal View) post periodically regarding police related issues – worth reading as he pulls no punches.  Also Carol will be interviewing other authors in the Caffeine Nights Publishing stable, as well as the CEO, a literary agent and other interesting people, who might give us from hints and tips.  So don’t miss it.  The pair is hoping the audio book of Deadly Focus will be out soon.  Actor and narrator Paul Ansdell has read their audio book and he is well known for this skill.  He read the acclaimed audio book The Woman in Black which reached number one in audio books.  He’s super; here is a link to the press release

TRUDY: (who could not Skype the meeting because a migraine struck) been busy writing an entry to our crime contest and trying to meet a BBC deadline of May 21st to enter a radio script.  But as we are trying to sell our house just a year since our last move, and looking after a sick husband, don’t think I will make the May 21 deadline.

IMPORTANT – Carol would like everyone to be at the next meeting  if possible – the last before our big presentation night on June 27th.  All the entries for the ‘Crime & Intrigue Competition’ will be in as well and so there will be a lot to sort out.

PLANTS – Carisbrooke Priory, one of our chosen charities, is appealing for plants for the cloisters garden.  If anyone has any cuttings or contacts for plants, please let Carol know or bring them along to the presentation night.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Friday 1st June at Maggie’s house, 26 Moor View, Godshill, Ventnor, PO38 3LL.   Please attend; or if you really can’t make it, then let Maggie know as it makes everything much easier.  Maggie’s phone number is 840899, mobile: 07843226734 or email:

See you in June!

Written from Maggie Jones’ notes, many thanks.


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Trudy’s Talkback April 2012


trudy draperTrudy’s Talkback April 2012

Our group is going from strength to strength and the only worry is that having set the bar so high, will we be able to carry on with such high standards.

At our last meeting eight members – including two new ones – explained what they were busy creating and the list is long. So as usual our very small group shows how it should be done.

The group welcomed two new members – poet Dave Ballard and his wife Hazel. Dave obviously thought he had to pay a forfeit in order to join us and entertained us with several of his poems. Dave has also written song lyrics. Hazel is writing her first crime novel and has already achieved 6,000 words so well on her way.

All members present introduced themselves including another new member, Linda Edge.

CRIME AND INTRIQUE COMPETITION Carol has once again secured Newport Minster for the prize winners’ presentation on June 27th. Well done Carol, we do appreciate all your efforts. The evening will open to the public at 6pm with the presentation starting at 7pm start. The police will be supporting us again with crime scene and fingerprint paraphernalia IOW Radio’s Heather McCallum will present prizes along with Kate young from the IW County Press.

We have other exciting news to tell you: Maggie explains ‘The sponsor Carol has got for us for this competition is none other than the Brit Writers Awards. Every year they hold an amazing writing competition, open to everyone and anyone. The main adult winner’s prize is £10,000. Carol did try to get them as sponsor last year but no luck until out of the blue they suddenly got in touch last weekend and were apologetic not to have been in touch last year. Carol told them about our group and what it did for community projects (like raising money through our competitions) and they told Carol they were so impressed that they would like to sponsor not only the prize money for the main adult winner and the over 12’s winner but would give an additional prize. They would like to give the adult winner plus spouse/partner and the over 12’s winner a family ticket to attend their own presentation evening in London in November for the current competition, which closed on March 30th. This is fantastic news as the last presentation evening was at the O2 area, London. They have given us a code for us to be able to enter their competition next year.’ This is marvellous news and is just one example of work done behind the scenes on the group’s behalf

More good news for anyone looking for a publisher – not an easy task as we all know – Carol has been in contact with a website called, who say they could publish any of the group’s books. They normally charge £500 but have said any member can send their book; it will be looked at by the publisher who will come to an arrangement over the cost. Irene is interested and can report back at a future meeting.

WIGHT FAIR WRITERS’ GROUP COMMUNAL BOOK as you all know we are writing a book between us with each member writing a chapter; we will probably have to go around the group three times to get to a full length novel. The group decided that we should have a meeting solely to discuss the book. Carol and Bob are away for the next few weeks on the book signing tour so perhaps when they get back we can hold a book discussion meeting. Louise has written a mini preview of each chapter so far and the latest chapter written by Trudy will be sent out to members soon. So it looks like June meeting would be a good time for a big discussion on the nine chapters so far.


LINDA has been very proactive with her book and so far planned 33 chapters and written three. Carol and Bob have given her lots of advice and have many contacts they feel sure will be able to help her with it.

CHRIS again been proactive and has entered a competition he saw advertised in the Guardian newspaper. It was a 3,000 word story set in the future and sponsored by Sony. He read it out the gripping story. Unfortunately, he didn’t win but enjoyed taking part. Well done Chris and don’t forget our own in house competition.

IRENE has written 6-7 chapters of her book about the ex-wren Margaret. She will bring the story along next meeting so other members can help her with ideas of what order for the chapters and which pictures to use.

ANOUSKA is busy, not just writing but preparing for a charity sponsored walk from Portsmouth to London between 16th -21st May in aid of the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust. She is looking for sponsors. She is also working on her book The Window Boy.

MAGGIE has been busy writing her new novel and is competing with Bob on who can write the most in the shortest time. He is busy writing novel five in the Jack Dylan series and is up to 50,000 words and Maggie is catching up fast with 47,000 words so watch out Bob. Maggie has sent off one of her novels, Silly Moo, to a new publisher but does not expect to hear anything for 4-6 weeks. Here’s hoping.

CAROL AND BOB the official launch of Consequences – book two in the Jack Dylan series – is on April 7th at Waterstones Newport and then the pair are off on a two week daily book signing tour of Waterstones and W H Smiths. They have also had features in the Yorkshire Post, Telegraph and Argus and will feature in the IW County Press and Best Magazine this month plus others. Carol and Bob have a new blog which will enable us to follow their tour Also they are meeting scriptwriter Sally Wainwright on 13th April as Bob has been enlisted by her regarding a new TV series she is working on for the BBC. Also on their tour they will meet with the CEO of Reel Solutions and be on Calendar TV and BBC Radio Leeds amongst other media. Last month the pair signed with a literary agent for their European rights, which means they are now represented in Europe, Japan and South Korea as well as all English speaking countries.

Personal message from Maggie: ‘Wow what fantastic news for your both. And on behalf of the other members of the Wight Fair Writers, can I say we are all so proud of the pair of you. You have come so far and not only that, but you have brought us, the group, with you too. So many thanks, you guys.’

TRUDY (not at the meeting as computer malfunction meant Skype out of action) has written chapter nine of the book and is writing a hopefully amusing political play. After the shock Bradford by election, I’m looking into what would happen if the voters turned their backs on the present political elite and elected a Common Sense Party to the Commons. Early day but please with content so far. The play will be set in the near future; the next general election and I will send it to the BBC when finished. Please to say will be returning from overseas to be with group at the presentation evening on June 27th.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING 4th May 2012, Carol and Bob’s house Bridan, 17 The Mall, Lake Hill, Sandown, PO36 9ED; telephone 402393; please let them know if attending or not.

Talkback is written from notes supplied by Maggie.


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Trudy’s Talkback March 2012


trudy draper

Trudy’s Talkback March 2012

Busy, busy, busy – that’s the only way to describe the Wight Fair Writers group.  Eleven members came to the March meeting – nearly a full house – and everyone had a story to tell, if you will pardon the pun!  And on top of the individual achievements, details of our next contest were outlined.  We may be a very small group compared to some with fewer than 15 members but that does not stop our ambitions or enterprises.

CRIME AND INTRIGUE COMPETITION March 7th saw the launch of our 2012 contest.  A mobile police station was set up at the HQ of the 1st Godshill and Rookley Cubs in May Close, Godshill to publicise the competition.  The police also brought a police dog and fingerprint equipment for the children to use and make badges etc.  All was recorded by the Isle of Wight County Press.  We are grateful to both police and county press for all their support.  Carol is negotiating to use the magnificent Newport Minster for our presentation for this contest to be held on June 27th – a date for your dairies. DON’T FORGET to put up a poster to help advertise our competition.  Let’s make this one bigger and better than the last.

ALSO DON’T FORGET that we have decided to hold an in house contest for members to take part in the Crime and Intrigue Competition.  You can enter as many times as you like, stories should be 1,500 – 2,000 words at £4 an entry.   Let’s all have a go.

We welcomed a new member this month – Linda Edge who plans to write a book about the Square to Square Challenge.  The team of 2011 completed 1,457 miles in 14 days and Linda was a member of the support team for seven cyclists.  Good luck with that project Linda and welcome to our circle.

Anyone who missed Carol and Bob’s interview with Heather McCallum, which went out on February 29th, can listen to it our new updated website.  Many thanks Jamie for all your expertise on the site.


TRUDY – too busy making cakes and greetings cards to do much writing but had a go at a BBC Writers room contest to write a comedy sitcom for TV.  The deadline is March 21st and I don’t think I will be finished in time but it has been a great learning curve.

CHRIS – has been concentrating on his story for a competition – check out for details.  There is also another competition if anyone is interested – look at  Worth a try?  All good experience.

LOUISE – is into flashing; no not a new hobby but part of the bridport competition.  It is a flash writing competition, which means you write a story in just 250 words.  It has to be a complete story in those few words.  VERY HARD TO DO.  Louise has also offered to write a thread for our in house novel we are busy writing to enable us to pick up the story easier.

MAGGIE – has been rewriting her story Silly Moo and called on Trudy to help with the synopsis.

ANOUSKA – did a wonderful job on chapter 7 of the group’s novel and Maggie is writing chapter 8 this month.

IRENE – has been in touch with Margaret the subject of her story and by using lost of pictures seems to be on track with it.

VAL – has decided to go and visit Rye, near Hastings, East Sussex, for research on her story she is compiling.  (Note from Trudy, it’s a lovely town Val, lots of ancient buildings and antique shops.  There is a long history to study.  You won’t be bored!)  She is not sure exactly how she is going to run with it so hopefully visiting Rye will help a great deal.

CAROL AND BOB – exciting news for our dynamic duo; they are launching their second novel in the DI Dylan series at Waterstones’, Newport on April 7th – another date for your diaries.  And then on April 12th they set off on a book signing tour in the North of England and Stratford Upon Avon.  Their schedule is coming along nicely with TV, radio and newspaper interviews confirmed.  In addition, their two books are being considered by a TV production company.  They showed the group their new 6ft pop up display board for their promotional tour.  And Bob has been enlisted to help Sally Wainwright, who writes Scott & Bailey, wrote Unforgiven and At Home with the Braithwaites, with her new crime TV series.  So a hectic time ahead for them as usual.

So, as I said in the beginning, our little group should be very proud of its many projects and achievements.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Friday 30th March, 2012 at Maggie’s house in Godshill.

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Trudy’s Talk Back February 2012


trudy draper


There is lots to talk about this month and a new meeting night to remember.  We asked you members which night you wanted to meet and OVERWHELMINGLY the answer came back FRIDAYS.  So from now on we will meet monthly on the first Friday every month alternatively at Maggie & Carol and Bob’s house.


We need all members to tell Carol if they can attend the March meeting as we have invited radio broadcaster John Hannon to talk to us.  We need to know numbers attending ASAP,  if too few can make it then we will cancel John’s talk.  SO PLEASE CONTACT CAROL IMMEDIATELY TO TELL HER IF YOU CAN ATTEND THE MEETING.  MANY THANKS.

We hope that two new members will be joining us in March – Lou McGuiness and David Ballard.  Unfortunately, we have lost members Andrew and Heather due to work commitments.

WIGHT FAIR WRITERS made the IOW paper again when Maggie and Carol presented cheques to the Ellen MacArthur Trust and the Diabetic Society – the proceeds of our last contest.  And their pretty faces maybe in the County Press again after the March 7th launch of the next contest – The Crime and Intrigue Competition.  Head of media with the police, Mr Duncan Smith, is on the board for the contest and has also asked our group to help them start talks with a view to a CRIME WRITING FESTIVAL on the island.   It is anticipated that Crime authors will be provided through Caffeine Nights Publishers whom publish Carol and Bob’s books.  Waterstone’s is once again supporting our crime contest by accepting all the entries and will donate some prizes – we do appreciate it Waterstone’s.  We are hoping for a high number of entries to this contest, which might mean we need help with judging.

Since our meeting, Maggie and Carol, were due to go to St Catherine’s School, Ventnor to present prizes to the winners of our Christmas competition.  We hope that went well – will it mean another pic in the County Press??!! If not be sure Jamie will pop one on this site for us,  They will be giving out autographs next.

CHAPTER 6 of our group book was written by Bob, who managed to avoid any dead bodies much to our surprise.  We think that it would be more productive to get members to write the chapters month by month and then have a major critique/rewrite at the end rather than discuss each chapter, each month.   Carol has started to compile details of chapters and characters to help continuity.  Anouska will be writing chapter seven for us to see by next meeting.

JOHN WHATLEY from South Wight TV came along to talk to us about film making and how to produce a script.  (Your writer missed most of the talk as the Skype link failed, which was a shame.)  First of all we looked at the script and then film Alligator Park and John then put on a script writing CD and the group tried to help him write a script.  Apparently it was X rated!  If anyone has a 10-15 minute script John could turn into a play, get in contact with him via Heather.

In our round robin of member’s activities, both Chris and Maggie mentioned writing competitions they knew about it and details would be sent out to everyone – so get writing!  Members are busy writing novels but Maggie reported some bad luck.  Lysandra Press had shown interest in two of her stories but she learnt recently that the company had closed down.  But we encouraged Maggie to try again and she will but at the moment is concentrating on another story and has already written 23,000 words.

Carol and Bob’s second book in their ‘Dylan and Jen’ crime fiction series is out in March and they will launch it at Waterstones in Newport on April 7th. There will be a crime scene window for you to look out for and they have invited the police along to make fingerprint badges and keyrings if they are available that day!



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Trudy’s Talkback January 2012



Our first meeting of 2012 was held on 6th January and here are the highlights.

DECISION TIME: We need all of you to have a think as we have a couple of things needing decisions.

Firstly, attendance at our monthly meetings has dwindled somewhat so we want to know from people who aren’t attending what they want from meetings and if they want to stay members of the group.  We have a few people on the waiting list so should be able to fill the places.

Secondly, we want to know if group members want to continue with the alternate Monday/Fridays.  At the meeting, the view was to stick to Fridays only but we want to know what everybody thinks.  PLEASE, PLEASE send your views on this to either Maggie or Carol by Friday 13th January.  You know their numbers and email, please let them know without fail.

It was decided on Friday that the meeting subs of 50p a month should be paid in one lump of £6 now to save time and effort.  Hope you all agree with this simple idea, please bring your subs next time, cheques to WFWC.

OUR PRESENTATION EVENING was a great success again and you can see pictures plus the TV link on this website.

The County Press also did us proud with marvellous coverage of the event.  The TV link is to South Wight TV, click here to  have a look at this great coverage.  And you don’t have to have listened to the Heather McCallum on IOW radio on Thursday January 12th interviewing the winners on her show at 2.20pm, click here to listen to the MP3 on this site.

The Minster might have been cold on the night but the joy from the winners and families warmed everyone up.  Maggie had the great surprise of finding out she was the winner of our in house competition, congratulations to her.  Once again all the winning stories including Maggie’s can be read on this website, click here.

All members did their bit to make this such a memorable event.  Pat yourselves on the back.  Carol and Bob have been invited to meet David Pugh, IW council leader and Dawn Cousins, cabinet member for education to discuss the future of the event on 21st January 2012.  We are really on the map!  Not only did all present have fun but we raised nearly £550 for the charities – a great way to raise money and our radio interview went global @ – America!

OUR NEXT COMPETITION is the crime and intrigue short story contest to be launched in March and will run until June – Crime Writing Week!  The contest will be run in association with the County Press and IW Radio – Charity Challenge 2012 and they will be’ The Isle of Wight Young Carers and Carisbrooke Priory’ as well as the IW Homeless (requested by our sponsors).

WE TALKED ABOUT CHAPTERS 4 AND 5 OF OUR BOOK – on the whole we think the story is flowing well but some parts need work and Bob, who is writing chapter six, decided he needed to bring the whole family together for a Christmas meal and try and tie up all the loose ends.  He was warned our book wanted more family saga than dead bodies!  We expect to need 30 chapters to complete the book so is there room for both saga and death?  We will just have to wait and see what Bob comes up with to send the book on its way.

MEMBERS’ NEWS:  Everyone has been busy with Christmas and visitors but still some news to report.  Trudy is looking for more competitions to enter and Chris agreed he found it much easier to work to a deadline.  Carol and Bob’s second book Consequences is all set, after several setbacks, to come out in March and their publisher is organising a full two week book signing tour in the north with one in the south of England to follow. The launch will be at Waterstone’s on the Isle of Wight on the 7th April.  Also the busy duo has been signed up by an agent in Finland, who covers the South Korean and Japanese market and they have been approached over the film rights.   In addition, (does this good news ever end?) a TV firm from the North of England is talking about turning Deadly Focus into a script for a TV pilot.  If all goes well with the TV pilot, it could lead to a series.  This success is a clear case of hard work paying off in the end.  Well done to the both of them.

Maggie, basking in the news of winning the Christmas in house contest, is researching for a new story and has written the first chapters.  She is waiting to hear from publishers about two other novels.  We have some very prolific writers in our group.


NEXT MEETING will be at Maggie’s house, date to be set once everyone has replied with their vote on whether we should have meetings just on Fridays or keep the alternate Monday/Friday system.  SO IT IS IMPERATIVE YOU REPLY, PLEASE DON’T FORGET.


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