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Jonathan’s Jottings April 13th 2018


Jottings for Meeting April 13th.

Date for next meeting is Friday 4th May.

Saturday 5th May Local Author Day with various workshops at Newport Library 10-1

Apologies for errors, misspellings, omissions. The meeting opened with thanks to Anna for arranging the Newport Library as our new venue, so much quieter, and Maggie dispensed tea, coffee and cakes. Yum.

A decision was taken to continue Musings on an Ad Hoc basis whenever a member felt like sharing,

Emails received: Aesthetica – poetry and short story completion; entry £12.  Roz Dickenson –“Typo Terrier” proof reading services prior to publication.  Maggie to forward emails to JC for dissemination to members.

Carol & Bob Bridgestock at Quay Arts Thursday 19th April.

Maggie Curry would like to speak to Authors of children’s literature as IOW radio is looking to do a serialisation. Contact Maggie C directly or via Maggie J.

FREDA: Writing but having to rely on daughter to get typing done.  Having numerous requests for writing for special occasions; weddings, funerals, graduations etc., completed a poem for Harry and Megan and received acknowledgement/thanks from Buck House.

FRED: Finished his 3rd novel today; a pre and post WW1 family saga.  Asked “should I pay for editing or not?” majority suggested sending to agent (of the genre) if like book most agents will edit, a synopsis was very important (be sure of requirements as can vary) agents  will act as advocate.  Freda felt it best to get the book edited.

Members advised using Writers & Artists Year Book 2018 (currently in reference section of Library, older copies available for loan).  Writing magazines often have articles about publishers and will mention whether or not they will take unsolicited manuscripts.

DAVID:  Has been doing readings of his poetry at various clubs, had a number of successful publications.  Read out “Did she let sleeping dogs lie? Dream on!” a poem that been published in the Daily Mail.  Due to visit Lymington’s WI next week asked for members to come rescue him if he didn’t return!

TONY: Continuing work on the graphic novel with Dave which was quite complicated.  Involved in publishing a Franzine for the Urban Art market, and is procuring more and more work of the type he wants.  Supports Free Art (started in London with displays of art on the walls of Brick Lane and Shoreditch – still continues today) recently had exhibition in St Mary.  Successfully selling art from Sandown (Beach hut??).  Will be running a workshop in June, for 10 to 18 year olds, at Newport Library.

AIDAN:  writing a major piece of sci-fi/fantasy work (plotted up to 10 books in the series) still suffering writers block, producing short works posted on FB page.  Tony took the plots to read.  Currently busy producing short prose commission by his brother and his fiancée, prior to the wedding.  Trying to decide whether to use a publisher on the mainland or the Isle of Wight.

PIERS: Self publishing his 2nd novel in the Autumn – a biographical fiction based on log book of a trip to Isfahan in Persia. Wondered about copy editing. Melanie did proof reading, Lucy has started.  Maggie had information on another and would forward email to JC for dissemination and email Mel.

FRAN: Continuing her “Daily Dream” drawings and will publish in a book when completed.  Sold 8 paintings.  40,000 words into novel, looking to use an agent.  On judging panel of competition for 18 – 30 year olds to win a £25k grant from the Mike Howley(?) Trust.  Quay Arts involved; categories are Writing, Acting, Dancing, Technician.

MARY: her dark family drama “Behind the Smile”; set around Island’s longstone is getting reviews, currently on Amazon Kindle for £1.99.  Selling copies of printed book in local shops in Brighstone. Has book signing event on Saturday 14th April at St Olav’s in Gatcome.  The book cover was designed by Ryan @ Love Covers (from a picture that Mary forwarded).  Mary used “Creative Space” for her publishing; buys small numbers to sell on.  Printed in Poland £6 sells at £7.99 – the minimum price Amazon sell at.  All arranged by her husband who, we suggested, should come and give a presentation!!

JULIE: new member who has been on the waiting list for some considerable time.  Came to Island 2 years ago, retired 18 months ago.  Focused on academic writing; mainly travel, with a few successes in competitions.  Has a piece of work published in on-board magazine of National Express “Senior Moments in Sergovia”.  Voluntary work at Osbourne House gardens.

MARTIN:  belated birthday wishes proffered.  Now on to chapter 24 with 93,500 words under his belt. Reviewed by a few of the group who are eager for next chapters.

MICHELLE: Writing short stories.  Sent off “True Ghost Story” to publishers a few weeks ago.  Received email that it had been received, but nothing further.  Reassured by members that this was but a short time.

ANNA: Manuscript with 3 agents.  One asked for a redraft, and after contacting a second agent they have now asked for a redraft.  Spent the last 2 months making requested changes and resubmitted about 2 days ago. 3rd agent rejected manuscript but interested in any future work.  Book is for young adults.  Sent out to family and friends as Beta readers to spot errors prior to submission.

FIONA: Finger in lots of different pies; travel writing, copy editing, 50 challenges; 1st marathon due at Southampton in a weeks’ time, raised £438 through “Just Giving” website for charity, in County Press for New Year’s Day Swim.  Working on Fiction novel for children; “The Grumpy Zoo Keeper”.  Volunteer work at IOW Zoo provided a lot of interesting material with no political correctness!  Still waiting to hear whether or not commissioned book she wrote, based on journals provided, had been published.

JENNI: Finding it difficult to stay with one piece of work; writing short stories and chapters in 3 different books of different genre.  Considering creating a blog to publish reviews and own short stories to kick start media recognition.  Completed Melodic Choir flash mob raising money for Wessex Trust and raising awareness of plight of NHS.  Choir due to perform with Tenors UnLimited at medina in June.

NEW MEMBERS: Carol and John arrived hoping for membership:  John returned to island after 10 years in London working in theatre. Enjoys creative writing ; fantasy, Sci-fi, historical and nonfiction. Involved in Napoleonic re-enactments. Carol came back to the Island from USA via Kent, 13 years in personnel and finance for Chamber of Commerce. Working on historical research of IOW, written and had published short articles but would like to do definitive article on Island to show richness diversity, inventiveness, social aspect, evolution and the people.

An additionally request from an artist for membership.  Sarah Blackwell whose amazing drawings can be found at

Unfortunately membership is currently around 30 so Carol, John and Sarah have been added to the waiting list.

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