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Martin MorrisBy Martin Morris

A story idea 11/7/17, 8.30ish PM.

We were discussing blank pages at our last meeting and where ideas come from, so I thought I’d share the first one that hit me and how I’d start shaping it. Hopefully it will resonate with people.

While washing up the multitude of dishes, left after tea with my two ravenous monsters (or young adults to be more PC), my mind drifted. I thought about a daughter confronting a man, who had led to or actively caused her mother’s death in some way.

I imagined the daughter would be angry and full of a need for revenge. I also imagined she may not have been around for some reason. Perhaps in an institution because of her perceived mental problems. I imagined the problem was not one of a broken mind, but a mind becoming stronger or of growing in a different path as a child.

A conversation in my mind.

“You cannot hide, but you will see my mother’s face in every place you turn, you cannot run far enough that she will not find you.

You will see her on the street, the shops and the church that you seek sanctuary in. You will not sleep, she will hound your slumber and fill your day dreams with nightmares.

Who is the girl? How will the act of haunting take place from small beginnings to a last horrible retribution, that will be the form of his only last escape?

When is my protagonist dreaming, what is reality?

Plot line

‘Callum’ our protagonist at the Funeral of his wife, viewed from his perspective and then daughter’s arrival, revelation and accusation of his actions. She curses him.

First hauntings – The feeling of chill breath and being followed. Callum sees his dead wife, with the wounds of her death on her dead skin. He sees her on side of road, in a shop, on a train.

He goes home to hide and get drunk. He wakes up to his dead wife in bed with him. Terror causes him to flee towards his brother’s home and safety – On the journey, all seems well, no more sightings, he stops to rest, exhausted. He falls asleep.

He awakes to cold dead lips kissing him, wakes to find himself in the embrace of his dead wife.

He tries to flee up the road and other dead figures appear (past friends, acquaintances, and family who have died). They carry their wounds and their rot.

The daughter is among them, she is smiling as she tells him ‘The dead have come to claim their own’

 In terror, he is pressed to the edge of a road bridge and as the dead close in, he leaps to his death.

A twist – Callum’s realization that his death, is not an escape.

I think looking at a blank page is the problem. Stop looking at it, get away from it. Let your mind find the story in its own time. My advice for what it’s worth.

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