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Jonathan’s Jottings 9th June 2017


Wight Fair Writers meeting 9th June


Maggie welcomed a rather smaller than usual crowd to the meeting.  Carol and Bob had hoped to attend tonight but unfortunately they couldn’t make it. They are sadly leaving the Island and going back to live up north. Thank you to Val for member’s musings and recounting her unfortunate encounter with a herring gull! She also revealed that we don’t have a branch of the RSPB on the Island. Fred volunteer to do July’s musing which will be available on the website on 1st July.

Maggie passed on Anna’s thanks to all the members who supported her author event at Cowes library. It was a great success. She is keen to do it again and promote local authors, so if anyone is interested in doing a workshop, talk, reading etc, they should get in touch with Anna.

Next meeting will be 7th July.


Bev was inspired by the last meeting and has been reworking her novel. She asked if anyone would like to read it. It is a YA – a diary of a girl living in a dysfunctional family. Bev was interested to know how members backed up their work and got lots of different answers! There was also a variety of responses to her question of whether people keep different versions of their stories. Several members said they did keep each draft separate so there is the option of going back to an older version if needed.


Val has been working on a piece about her lovely day out to the Old Gaffers Festival. She has also been collating little anecdotes and may put them together in a book. She has 30 so far. Maggie encouraged Val to send in her Gaffers piece so it can be put on the website for everyone to enjoy.


Star is working on a piece of speculative fiction. She is on the second draft of her first novel and feels ready to send it off. She has been getting lots of good reviews from beta readers. It is a civil war ghost story entitled The Dark Wood. However she is looking forward to moving on to her next book which is a fantasy novel and has been doing research at Quarr Abby. She is also planning a third novel about a serial killer! And finding time to write short stories and would like to get back to writing poetry.


Freda has been busy getting a poetry book together call Precious. She is very much enjoying writing it. It will be her 5th book. Her others have been bought by the local library. Maggie encouraged Freda to put her short stories on the website.


Fred’s had a mix bag this month! The good is that he was shortlisted in Writing Magazine. The bad is that he had technical problems sending it off. However there was more good news in that his novel is coming along very nicely. He took on-board the advice he received from the group last month and found it much more useful to stop trying to edit as he goes along. He’s still having some problems with characters and isn’t sure how one of them will turn out, but the group encouraged him to just let it play out. She will tell him what she needs to do! Fred also sparked an interesting debate on how writers can unintentionally offend with their descriptions of people.


Krissy’s life been taken over this last month by the Isle of Wight Festival of Running which she was in charge of organising. It was a great success but she’s glad it’s over and she can now get back to the serious business of writing and promoting Inkyeverafter Press – an author services business that was founded by Zoe Sadler. Krissy did manage to fit in the time to support Zoe at the Cowes author event and the pair were featured in this month’s Style of Wight Magazine which featured Inkyeverafter Press as one of the items on the up on the Island! She is still slowly working away on her romance novel, though has been suffering with writers block due to the exhausting workload of the Festival.


Zoe has had another busy month. She just found out she won an international competition run by the Alliance of Independent authors for her book cover design of The Lighthouse Keeper – A Cautionary Tale. She has just finished illustrating a book for Oxford University Press, while the next in a series of school books she is illustrating for a local publisher has just been published. Zoe is working on a colouring book which she will publish through Inkyeverafter Press and showed samples to the group. Very cute was the overwhelming consensus! This month Zoe also did her first school visit to promote her 2 books and her monster messages project. She is now busy getting ready for Open Studios in July, where she will be doing book readings from her garden in Freshwater Bay.


Mary has had an exciting month. Her audio book for Catching the Light has just come out. She is running a competition on Facebook which links to the website and you can win a free copy. She has done some promotion on Kindle which has gone well and got into Amazons Top 100 of free short stories. She used this to promote the novel by including an extract. Mary is busy working on the draft of her next novel The Image of You which is set on the Island and reveals how appearances can be deceiving….


Aidan has been working on the final chapter of his novel which has been difficult but he managed to get through it. He is also working on other chapters but not in order. He is aiming for 5000 words a chapter for this book which is a sci fi/fantasy. He managed to complete 3 pieces of prose for his prose a month challenge and is world building for his next novel. He has lots of other ideas he is working on at the moment. He finds writing action easier than dialogue and several members of the group agreed.

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