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Jonathan’s Jottings 5th May 2017


Wight Fair Writers – Minutes 5th May


Thank you to Karen for this month’s members musing. A wonderful peak into the hectic life of a mum of 5. You know if you have to wake up with 2 alarm clocks you’re in for an interesting day! Please everyone take a look and share if you are on Facebook

Val has offered to do the June musing. She has not written in a while and hopes this will inspire her.

Mary has mentioned there may be a new literary festival in Cowes, running alongside the main festival. Please let Maggie know if you would like to do something as part of the group, for example have a stall to sell members books, promote the benefits of being in a writers group. It might inspire others to start their own as we are currently full.

Next meeting is 9th June.


Several of Aidan’s short stories are now on the website. Members described them as wonderful and spin tingling. Aidan is busy writing. He is posting one prose piece a month to his Facebook account and also presented a piece at his brother’s wedding.  He is currently working on his second novel and over half way towards completing his goal. He is enjoying coming up with plots and ideas though sometimes gets so engrossed in world building he forgets to write the story. Aidan explained he likes to write long hand before typing his work up on computer.


Fred is now 68,000 words into his historical novel which he has been working on for 6 months. He is editing as he is going along but is finding it a bit thin and worried he might be overworking it. The group advised that he finish the whole novel before attempting to edit it, and assured him it was okay to use fictional street names.


Sadly Val has been unwell lately. She is still having a bash at writing short stories but having trouble finishing them which is very frustrating but she is determined to try again. Maggie suggested sending it to members of the group who might be able to come up with some scenario’s to help inspire her writing and get them finished. She has been writing an open letter to her sister in Australia, recounting their early life together.


Sue had some wonderful news this month. The Amazon God’s have chosen her new book for the monthly deal. Now it’s cheaper Maggie has said she will buy it! Sue has also been hanging out in the charts alongside Eddie Izzard. She has finished her 2nd draft of the third book which is a time-travel/time-slip plot, but the pesky part time job is getting in the way of writing.


Piers is busy with his novel about an old man on a boat and revising it. He has finished part one and working on parts two and three. He feels it would benefit from illustrations depicting parts of the boat. Piers wants to include song lyrics which his characters are singing and this prompted an interesting debate on copyright. The consensus of the group is that it is best not include lyrics.


Zoe is working on the illustrations for a book to be published by Oxford University Press. It is a version of Robin Hood. She has also been working with her first client through Inkyeverafter Press. She is an Island author/illustrator and Zoe has been helping her with book layout and cover design. It is due to be published later this month. Zoe is now up to £2,000 in her crowdfunding campaign for her second picture book ‘Chasing Butterflies’. She is finding it much harder this time as so many people are now using crowdfunding as a means to get their projects funded.


Krissy has also got her first client through Inkyeverafter Press. It is the same author Zoe has been working with. Krissy has been helping her with marketing the book and will organise a blog tour once it is published. Due to work commitments, Krissy hasn’t had much time for writing but has been doing a little editing on her romance novel when she’s had the time and energy.


Anna received her first rejection this month, however it wasn’t all bad as it was a personal response from Caroline Sheldon. She has now sent it out to a second round of agents. It is suggested you send it to 10 a month for a year before you give up! Anna’s first book is a young adult novel called ‘This is Real’. She has also finished the first draft of her second novel ‘A Thousand Days’ and is working on a trilogy. Anna invited everyone to come to her Meet the Author event at Cowes Library on 27th May. Several members of the group will be having stands.


This month Martin has been experiencing deep feelings of well-being having finished editing chapter 7. He hopes these will continue as he starts to work on chapter 8. There are 22 chapters in all and he tells us it’s been an enjoyable experience. He has even found time to start writing two short stories.


David has already started work on Decembers musing about Santa. He has been busy doing poetry readings including one in a care home. Sadly the audience fell asleep, but he’s not taking it personally.  He is attempting to write a poem a week and some of his work is up on the website. He delighted the group with a reading of his poem about Sydney the smooth talking snake.


Mary has finished a course with Curtis Brown which she found very useful. She used her WIP and is changing what she is writing, making it more racy! She feels she need to get into the mind-set of her protagonist.


Fiona has set herself a challenge to read 17 books in a year as she is finding it difficult to write at the moment. She is on book 7 and writing a review.


Tony has been busy doing work for other people this month including TJ’s gym where he had to work through the night in the spin room. He found it interesting as the paint was drying as fast as he could spray it! He’s hoping to get back to his working on his own stuff soon.

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