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Jonathan’s Jottings 3rd February 2017


7:00pm Friday 3rd February 2017, Costa Ryde. Large Hot Chocolate, no marshmallows, Raspberry and white chocolate muffin. Sweet.

Next meeting

7:00pm Friday 3rd March 2017, Costa Ryde.


Maggie, Jonathan, Piers, Roy, Diana, Mary, Martin, Fiona, Freda, Aidan, David, Tony, Lucy, Sue, Fran, but not necessarily in that order.

Maggie’s Announcements

If you haven’t yet done so, please send recent blurb and photo so you can appear in the Members page.

There’s a new page on the website for any member to post work for reading and/or review. We expect to call it Fair Members’ Shorts. Thank you for that Martin.

There was a request to put a link to the website on the Facebook page so anyone can find it easily.

Various competitions were mentioned. I’ll try to put a list at the end of this.

New members

Piers likes to write love stories involving sailing, but not sex or violence. He has had a full and interesting life in the medical profession and now he’s turning his attention to writing. We look forward to reading some of his work on the new Fair Members’ Shorts page.

Roy has also had an interesting life, involving the making and publishing of maps, including Guernsey, Jersey, Malta, Gozo and the Isle of Wight. He has also made many village maps. He’s complied a life story that goes back to 1585, he has edited various magazines, and has now turned his attention to writing stories for children, set in specific places and a particular time, because there’s a gap in the market. He brought many examples of his work to show us.

Diana has written over 40 books for children and Young Adults, including picture books and a series involving ponies and princesses, which has been wildly successful in Japan. She brought some of these to show us. She is now writing a book about plotting which is taking the form of plotting another book whilst discussing the process. A novel idea.

Current members

Mary has written and self-published two Women’s Fictions novels. She’s working on her third novel.

Martin is working on the second draft of his second novel, also Horror.

Fiona is working on her ghost-written travel book, completing chapters and beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Freda is having fun, writing what she wants. She has tantalised us with a story about a lady of mature years and interesting morals who could be described as not so much a creaking door, but a creaking whore… On the other hand, she was very pleased and surprised by the reaction of a church group to her retelling of the story of Noah. I’m just relieved she didn’t read them the wrong story.

Aidan is concentrating on write short proses on a monthly basis, and he’s developing a website for anyone to complete and post some work every month based on a task or suggestion. We all thought this was a very interesting idea.

David is still regularly writing ‘stupid sad’ poetry and sending it off to the Daily Mail. He read his latest poem, which was enjoyed by all.

Tony is creating at least one painting every day. He described the extent of his reach on social media – approximately 2 million people. There are apparently many secret societies of painters sharing their work, about which we know nothing.

Lucy is marketing her novel and writing her second book, a YA time-travel novel. She’s on Chapter 28.

Sue is rewriting her third novel and marketing her first two. Watch out for her Blog Tour, starting 20th February.

Fran talked about her Diorama Exhibition, currently showing at Quay Arts, and has started a third novel in the first person.

Jonathan is still writing his weekly column for, and occasional reviews, and these jottings, and hasn’t yet begun writing anything else. He is enjoying his reviews on


For those already published: (short stories up to 8000 words).

For those already published on Kindle:

There are no doubt many others.

End notes

We had a very full and busy meeting this month, with new members, lots of ideas and information. Tony has agreed to provide next month’s Musings. It should be interesting. See you next meeting.

If you’ve been mis- or under-represented, please let me know and I’ll correct it next month.

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