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Chestnut’s Corner February 2015


Melanie ArcherBy Melanie Archer

The Reading Chestnut

For this entry into Chestnut’s Corner I have selected something completely different to the last. Sidney Sheldon’s Tell me your dreams first published by Harper Collins in 1998.

I am proud to say I have a complete collection of works of fiction by this author and each one deserves its place. I have chosen to write about my favourite book of his, one I know intimately yet will always be happy to read again and again and still be shocked by the story being told and how it unfolds.

My best friend of 25 years and counting introduced me to Sidney Sheldon many years ago when I was reading as a means to escape from the depression I was suffering from at the time, and I was not let down by her recommendation. Sidney Sheldon creates a world which you can just sink into. A master story-teller and a genuine author that I defy you to be able to put down. If you’re looking for a mystery/thriller that actually works and lives up to expectations then look no further than Sidney Sheldon.

My favourite book of his is ‘Tell me your dreams’, also one of my best friends favourites. This is based on actual medical cases.

Ashley is aware of stalkers, has read about them, and heard about them but they don’t belong in her world. Yet she is sure someone is following her and begin to make their presence felt by disturbing her dreams and giving her a sense of overwhelming doom. Ashley has no idea who could be stalking her or why. Then a series of brutal murders are committed, three beautiful women suspected, one arrest and a very bizarre murder trial begins, using some ground-breaking defence. Saying that this is true-to-life would be an understatement considering it is based on actual events, yet as a huge fan of Sidney Sheldon’s work and having read all of them, each of his books and characters portray this quality. The words seem to have a life of their own, dancing to their own momentum, jumping off the page and into your subconscious. Easy to read yet not at the sacrifice of the complexity and details in the novel, the reader is swept along within the pages of the book and you just want to know what happens and how it turns out.

If you’ve not read any Sidney Sheldon before, or are new to crime/mystery/thriller fiction then Tell me your dreams is a good place to start. These books are in Chestnut’s Corner not only because of their authors story-telling prowess but because they have an attachment to my best friend and her unconditional love and support towards me through a difficult time.

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