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Chestnut’s Corner, Introduction


Melanie ArcherChestnut’s Corner, A selection from my bookshelf this month.

By Melanie Archer

The Reading Chestnut

My book collection used to be so much bigger than the offering it is now, but my expanding family and their ever growing need for space caused me to sacrifice some of its occupants, which was a painstaking task, however I ensured that my favourites and collections of authors remained.

However since then, it seems to be growing again and various other books have somehow sneaked their way home with me and found a place in Chestnut’s corner. I have also given sanctuary to books given to me by friends and family members. Some residents are currently out on loan and I am looking forward to their return. Sadly though I have borrowed books and had to return them when in reality they should in fact be sitting on the self anticipating the next time they will be read by me.

Each month I will select a book from Chestnut’s Corner either one in residence, one on loan or one that should be there but isn’t. My collection is by no means complete, and I am always looking to expand my reading repertoire and invite you to suggest any that you have enjoyed also by contributing to Chestnut’s Corner on the Wight Fair Writers and Artists Circle’s web page

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