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Winners of the Vision of Spring Competition


The Winners of the Vision of Spring Competition

Under 12’s winner by Lily Alexander

Spring is a bit sunny
Everybody sees bunnies
Spring is a time of year
Everybody cheer
Everybody celebrate
Easter is here again
Everybody sees hens
Flowers bloom at spring
Birds flying on the wing
In the pond tadpoles hatch
Seeds are growing on my patch.
Spring is here
Everybody cheer!

Under 18’s winner by Maddison Hardy

As we enter the spring,
The blue tits sing,
A song as old as time,
The lambs will leap,
The meadows we reap,
It’s the favourite season of mine.

The frost been thawed,
Children applaud,
As daffodils sway in the breeze,
Picnics a plenty,
The houses are empty,
Air filled with the buzzing of bees.

Summers on its way,
We relish each day,
The scent of Lemon and Lime,
The rain drops have stopped,
Forward gone the clocks,
It’s the favourite season of mine.

Adult’s winner by Jennifer Viney.

My Grandad knows a lot of things,
About all kinds of stuff;
Why small birds’ nests are soft and warm,
And big ones, twiggy rough.

My Grandad knows the shepherd,
And we saw some lambs be born;
And he says the birds make music,
Every morning when its dawn.

My Grandad lets me help him,
When he put his earlies in;
And I hoed the earth across them,
Not too thick, and not too thin.

My Grandad knows a field where the
Hares sit in a ring,
And they stand and box each other,
To be sure the best will win.

My Grandad says he’s certain,
And I think it must be true,
Grandad says that spring has sprung,
And I think, I think that too.

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