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Trudy’s Talkback August 2013


trudy draperThe Wight Fair Writers is proving to be such a success that members are queuing up to join us!  Chairman, Maggie Jones, reports that three new members – Rachel, Vince and Georgina – should be joining us at next month’s meeting.  She does realise that group membership is going above what we originally planned but as not everyone comes to every meeting, we should still be able to accommodate more.

 Maggie said: ‘I know some members feel that the size of the group might be getting too big, but because not all members make the meetings, it is great to be able to have new members join and encourage them with their writing in whatever way we can.

‘All we can hope is that the day never arrives when all members turn up at the same meeting – we could be sitting on each other’s laps if it ever happens!’

To write Talkback I need notes of each meeting – even when I Skype in, I cannot take the notes myself as I can’t see who is talking etc.  So we need a volunteer at each meeting to take the minutes – I only need informal notes of anything discussed or decisions taken, so not a huge job.  Maggie can’t take the notes every time as she is trying to chair the meeting and keep you all in order.  So can everyone please take a turn – it is a little job to help in the smooth running of the club.  Next month can someone step forward who has never taken the minutes to show the way.

Carol told everyone about the launch of the next writing competition.  It will officially be launched in September and is going to be called ‘A Wight Christmas.’  It is open to all ages, and WFWC members can also enter as we are no longer going to do an in-house comp ourselves.  The judges are all independent, and any entries from the members will be treated like ones that come in from anyone living on the island.  There are some fantastic prizes for all age groups too.  Camping Bestival tickets for next year’s festival is one of the prizes.  So get your thinking caps on and start getting some ideas for a story(s).  Entry price is still £4 for Adults and £2 for Under 18’s and Under 12’s. 


Becky Sealey – is a new member and finds writing therapeutic and enjoyable.  She has been writing short stories since she was 10 years old and takes a notebook everywhere, even on holiday, to write stories all the time – an example to us all.  Becky is writing a supernatural novel and looking into how to publish etc.  Good luck with all that, Becky.

Michelle – is working on a couple of short stories and has moved away from her usual historical settings and into the 21st century.  Her latest story is about an interfering mother-in-law.  Maggie sent Michelle the link to Alfie Dog for her to send this story to.  You haven’t got anything to lose, if you don’t try, you will never know.  Good luck with that Michelle.

Anne – hasn’t been writing much but reading lots of Rosmund Pilchard and Kate Mosse, so researching by reading.

Irene – has found a distributor in Shanklin, who has sold a lot of her books.  She has now sold over half her books and covered her costs on her self-publishing bill.  Irene has not been writing very much as she has recently been in hospital but when she can, is busy working on her novel, which is based on her life.

Carol and Bob – Bob has started writing again! (I didn’t know he had stopped!)  Carol is rewriting the fifth book and Bob has finished the first draft of books six and seven, both 65,000 words each.  Carol will add another 20,000 words.  Also Bob is trying to write another book, not in the Dylan series this time.  The crime TV series they are working on for BAFTA winning production company Red Productions and writer Sally Wainwright, Happy Valley is almost finished and will be aired on BBC1 in the summer of 2014.  A German publisher is looking at their manuscripts and next year their books will be translated into Turkish and Korean – amazing.  And we knew them when they weren’t famous!  Their next book, Snow Kills, will be launched on November 3rd at Prego’s Restaurant and hotel, in West Yorkshire.  It is a ticket only event and an actor will read chapter one.  They are involved in a competition with Scallywag Magazine and money raised will go to the Forget me Not Hospice – first prize is tea with Carol and Bob.  The police are also involved and up to 100 tickets can be sold.  This will involve the couple going on local television and radio as well as hosting a Help the Heroes, Poppy Day Appeal in Huddersfield Town Hall with the Military Wives choir and Joe Mckeldry (X Factor winner) raising money for the charity.  Back on the island they will be book signing at the Envy Hair Saloon, which is featured in the book and Waterstone’s.  A screen play is to be written from their book Deadly Focus by a young girl just out of university, who works for Red Productions.

Bit of wisdom from Bob: ‘the stone continues to gather moss at a great bloody pace.’

And the original group members were there at the beginning!

Anouska – has found an old manuscript and is working on it.  The story is set in a village using character she knows and she is putting real life experiences into her story, a comedy.  The group saw some of her drawings – she specialises in drawing animals and takes commissions – and everyone was very impressed with her work.  Not one to give up, she is editing her novel Dimensions yet again.  And any life experiences she gets she writes in her inspiration diary. 

That’s an idea we could all copy – write a diary so we don’t forget anything that could be used in a story.

Maggie – talked about her story Came as Me, Left as We, and she is to be a featured author on the Alfie Dog website, very soon, hopefully in the next two weeks.  Maggie has also joined Twitter at long last (her words) so if anyone wants to get in contact it is maggiej64jones.  She says: ‘twitter me and I’ll twitter back.’

Trudy – not at the meeting but trying to keep in touch – I  have found dozens of short stories I have written over the years and editing them to see if any are worth sending anywhere!  I have been surrounded by builders for the past six months so writing has been put to the bottom of a long list but hoping to get going again properly once work has been finished.


Talkback was written this month from notes by Maggie J.

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