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Trudy’s Talkback May 2013


trudy draperGremlins, or life or whatever you want to call it hit so many members in recent days that only four attended the May meeting of the Wight Fair Writers club.  Illness, book signing tour and no internet connection for me to Skype into the meeting are just a few of the problems members had to contend with this month.  It was a shame that two new members, Ann Porter and Michelle Angell, turned up for their first meeting and the only member chairman Maggie Jones could introduce them to was Anouska with ten members sending apologies.  I hope we have better luck for our June meeting.

The new members were welcomed and the business part of the meeting was kept very short due to the lack of members present.  Maggie will send out the results of the recent question and answers on the future of the club round to members via email.  She will have to wait until her internet is reinstated before she can send any emails and has lost her connection after changing providers.  Maggie explained about the book being written by members of the group; after 18 months of writing a splinter group of three had taken over the project.  No members of the Abbott’s Bay novel  group could attend the meeting to give a progress report; Maggie just reported that the 26,000 words already written were being edited and the story would then be completed.

MEMBERS’ NEWS: Ann Porter writes in many genres; at present has been concentrating on writing children’s alphabet stories.  Half way through her stories she asks: ‘you’ll never guess what happened next?’ and Maggie suggested she could add to each story and Anouska said it looked like the beginning of a series of books, which could be called: You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next books.  Ann is looking for someone to do drawings for each of the stories and might call on artist Anouska to help her.

Michelle Angell: has written since she was very young and was the winner of the recent Dr Who competition, run by WFW in conjunction with The Isle of Arts.    Currently Michelle is concentrating on her historical writing.

Anouska:  in June is having an exhibition of her drawings and showed some to a very impressed meeting.  Some were animal pictures and Anouska is also editing Dimensions and writing a story on how she became a Christian.  Busy Anouska is also looking at a story she wrote when very young called The Vicar’s Daughter – proof that you should never throw anything away as you never know when it will come in useful.

Maggie J: In April she had two more stories published with Alfie Dog taking her total to seven stories published – well done.  Maggie is also busy re-writing a short story, trying to cut the wordage down, so it can be sent to a magazine.  One story has been rejected by People’s Friend but undaunted Maggie has sent another story to Woman’s Weekly, so fingers crossed for success.

Maggie reported that another new member is expect at the next meeting in June – this time a man to up the numbers of males in our group to four.

An agenda will be sent out a few days before our June meeting, do try to be there whatever life throws at you.

This column has been written with the help of notes taken by Maggie Jones.  Many thanks.

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