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Trudy’s Talkback February 2013


trudy draper

OUR FIRST MEETING of 2013 on February 8th proved to be a busy one. Six members attended and all wore their best bib and tucker as photographs were being taken.  We have a members’ section on our website and our chairman wants each person in the group to write a sentence about themselves and the pictures were needed to add to the rogue’s gallery.  Our group is very lucky to have The Isle of Wight Computer Geek manage and design our website and he had arranged photographers Clint and Kelly to come to our meeting.  Of course there are always prima donnas in the room and this time it was Maggie our chairman who was looking for supermodel photograph to head our members’ page.  After the second or (was it the 100th attempt Maggie!) everyone was pleased and our grateful thanks to the patient and generous photographers.

ABBOTT’S BAY The group is writing a novel – each member writes a chapter and we talked over the results so far – 25,000 words in the last 18 months.  We decided we needed a structure to work to so the loose ends already created can be tied up.  Maggie volunteered to read the chapters so far, pinpoint the story lines in need of finishing off and any mistakes in continuity.  Her findings will be sent round the group for comment.  We all look forward to hearing her thoughts and hope it will inspire all of us to join in with this unusual and exciting project.  It certainly gets you writing and to a deadline, which many of us need.

CAROL’S BLOG:  Maggie reported that Carol, who could not be at the meeting – her ankle is all strapped up after a fall down the stairs (get well soon Carol), has started a new section on her blog.  She would like members to send her short stories and poems for her to publish each month.  So hopefully everyone will join in and get writing to be a published author.  As Carol has 40,000 followers, it is quite an audience for our work!


Trudy – Carol is to publish a story by Trudy entitled Adoption in her new section on her blog.  Maggie’s review of this story – ‘please go onto the site and have a read as the story is wonderful and very heart warming.’  Trudy is also campaigning to stop part of her local hospital in East Grinstead from being demolished to make way for housing.  This means research and factual writing rather than fiction, but it is a good discipline.

Dave – has taken a pen name and is writing a blog; the link is  He is writing urban fantasy as well as taking an OU course.

Anouska – is assessing all her old work to get herself refocused to get back to writing again.  She is also proof reading her work.

Maggie – has had three books accepted by Alfie Dog, an e-book publisher.  Her stories can be found on with each costing just 39p each.  Two stories have already been published – Bessie’s Rescue and The Knicker Thief – and the third The Right Result comes out on 27th February at 12 noon.  Maggie says she is the proof that if she can get published, then anyone can!  Don’t sell yourself short, Maggie, you have worked so hard to get this success.

Chris – recently collated his stories and printed them out to give to his family as a wonderful Christmas present.  Now his is hoping to send them off to a publisher.  Good luck with that, Chris.

Anne – has started a short story but since Christmas has been too busy to finish it.

Louise – had to leave early, so unfortunately was not able to share with the group what she has been up to.  We look forward to hearing what you have been doing at the next meeting.

Details of next month’s meeting to be announced.

Talkback has been written from notes written in long hand by Chris and deciphered by Maggie!

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