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Trudy’s Talkback December 2012


trudy draperFair Writers Writing Circle had its Christmas meeting in Brighstone on 14th December.  And as someone who could not be there, I had fun reading between the lines trying to work out what really happened at the meeting.  It looks as though Christmas cheer was abundant and there was much present giving, drinking, eating and merry making with business kept to a minimum as it should be.  Linda very kindly opened up her lovely home, complete with 22 Christmas trees (I wish I had seen this spectacle) and the highlights of the meeting were the mince pies (Bob particularly liked the brandy filled ones, surprise, surprise), chocolates, and lots of alcohol – Chris, who luckily was not driving that night, consumed a whole bottle of mulled wine before tottering off home.  (There was no news make public if the women of the group disgraced themselves, so I presume they were teetotal and ate sparingly, with no raucous behaviour, unless someone tells me differently!)

Eight group members managed to find the new venue and everyone welcomed a new member Maggie Currie, who now thinks that all meetings of the FWWC are alcohol fuelled events.  Another new member will join us in January; Carola Cooper comes from a writing family and publishes her work in e-books.  She has said she will happily critique people’s work and is already looking at Maggie’s writing.  I’m sure she will be another great addition to our already fantastic group.

Members’ news:

CHRIS: is going to write chapter 14 of the group’s book Abbots Bay over Christmas and Trudy will write chapter 15 in January/February.  Chris entered the in house competition and got his inspiration from Heather McCallum and her radio show.

MAGGIE C: has three children, six grandchildren and one great grandchild.  Maggie and her husband retired to the island and she started attending self-help courses and now Maggie has written several books on the subject.

ANNE:  was so busy travelling to Oxford and London that she missed the deadline for the in house competition, but vows to enter the next one.  Anne is interested in writing short stories, which she feels many people are interested in nowadays.  She buys Writing Magazine and Writers Forum to find out about more competitions.

LOUISE: has been travelling and written a travel log, which she hopes to write up at some point.

CAROL AND BOB: there is no stopping these two; their third book is coming out on March 25th and book four is due out at the end of next year.  The TV series they are advising on is also out next year.  Carol is organising popular TV writer Sally Wainwright to meet the writing group next time she is in town.

LINDA: life has been full of fostering and entertaining and Linda is considering writing a book on the ups and downs she and her husband have faced during their eight years as foster carers and four years as adoptive parents.  Carol and Bob suggested the idea of the book and Bob came up with the title When Tears turn to Smiles – says it all.

MAGGIE: our chairperson has been busy writing and re-writing a short story and also entered the in house competition.

IN HOUSE COMPETITION: the results were first place to Chris, second place to Bob and third place to Maggie.  Well done to all.

Thanks to Linda Edge for her notes of the meeting.


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