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Carol and Bob Bridgestock

Bob and Carol BridgestockCarol & Bob Bridgestock are the authors of the D.I. Dylan series of books published by Caffeine Nights Publishing.

Their works come from a unique perspective of a collective real life experience of high level policing of 47 years. As a career detective Bob Bridgestock worked in the CID at every rank. For over half of his service he was a senior detective, retiring at the rank of Detective Superintendent of the West Yorkshire Police force. Carol brings her understanding and the experience of a partner of a frontline detective to the series. This combination adds authenticity rarely seen in British crime fiction, coupled with warmth, humour and humanity.

The couple have two books in the ‘Dylan’ series already published, in paperback and eBook. ‘Deadly Focus’ is also available in an MP3, Unabridged audio book. In November 2012 their publisher also sold it as a Korean translation to Geulhangari Publishers, South Korea. The deal brokered by their foreign rights literary agency Monika Luukkonen, Finland. ‘White Lilies’ (the 3rd) & ‘Snow Kills’ (the 4th) are to be released in 2013. The couple are also contracted to advise on a TV series due out in 2013.


Trudy Draper

Trudy DraperI am a trained journalist and worked as chief reporter on my local paper in East Grinstead and became a magistrate when I lived on the island. I self-published a book on my first year working in the magistrates’ court, have written one novel (unpublished) and like to write scripts.

At the moment I am working on a radio script; it is a comedy set after the next election when all the seats are taken by independent candidates as the electorate is fed up with party politics.


Maggie Currie

MaggieCurrieI write personal development books specifically to build self confidence and to encourage positive self-belief.

I have been writing for about 4 years and I was inspired to write to help people change their lives for the better and to never end up like me hitting rock bottom before realising it is possible to change their lives, and they are not alone.


Anne Jones

anne jonesI joined Wight Fair Writers’ Circle in 2012. I have enjoyed fiction writing since my schooldays, but really took up creative writing in 2003, when I entered my first writing competition run by the BBC. I mainly write in the romantic genre, either thrillers or comedy.

At present I am working on short stories for possible publication in women’s magazines.

I also have some ideas for full-length novels, which I hope to publish in the future.


Dave Vidarr

I joined the writing circle in 2012 after being encouraged to enter the Crime and Intrigue competition. I’d written before but, like many people, that stuff sat unseen on a hard drive. Since joining I’ve put some short stories online and am working on a novel. I flit between genres and stories but tend to write with a strong skew towards horror and fantasy.


Anouska Blake

AnouskaInspired by The Lords of The Rings trilogy, I began to dabble in my own fantasy genre.  I am now in the process of putting the finishing touches to my fantasy novel. I joined the writing circle in 2010 after meeting Bob and Carol Bridgestock at one of their book talks. I combine writing with my other love of art and entertainment. In the entertainment world I am known as Andie Penn a Magician and Juggler www.andiepenn.co.uk  I have entertained for over 18 years. Whilst doing all these ventures I have brought my daughter up as a single parent, she is 16 now, so in a moment will be flying the nest and I will have no excuse in not pursuing my dream in becoming a published author.


Vince Elkington

Vince ElkingtonWith graphic novels as an early boyhood influence, it was only natural for me to pick up a pen and draw. I have done many commissions over my time with pet and children’s portraits in oils, pastels and acrylics. However, my true talent is in the creation of new characters, often finding myself with so many ideas that I and never get them all down!

Joining the group has given me a focus as well as direction and I am now focusing on my first graphic novel, knowing that I can draw on the experience of the group to help and advise me.


Jacqui Rimini

Jacqui RiminiWith a background in business, writing was always a formal task for me.  I have always had a creative imagination, but have never really been able to put pen to paper without it sounding like a formal document.  Having a son, however, changed everything.

If you were not reading their favourite stories aloud, you where having to make them up on the spot.  I’m sure we’ve all done it!  Now I am writing our first set of young children’s very short stories and adventures and it is good fun.  More so because we are doing it as a family, sharing our ideas and having Vince as our resident artist means we are able to illustrate as we go along.

Like Vince, I find the groups knowledge invaluable and hope this helps us to make these books come alive.


Melanie Archer

Melanie ArcherI was fortunate to be an original member of the group in 2008, I left after having my first son in 2011, and now six months after the birth of my second son I have returned to the group, and it has felt like I have come home and I finally have some time to do something for myself.

I am currently undertaking a proofreading course with an aim to become a freelance proofreader in the future. I am also a ‘reader’, whereby I read other people’s work as if I were the target audience, and provide constructive feedback and reviews with positives and negatives, which friends and family who have read the work may not wish to say and always respond with ‘it’s great!’ even if its not. I want to help develop the work and as an avid reader I feel this is a something I can readily do. I will look at any style or genre and look at it with an open mind. Since returning to the group I have been lucky enough to have done this for a few of its members.

I operate under The Reading Chestnut and also have projects in the pipeline including a column entitled ‘What I’ve been reading’ in online Glean magazine, where I give an informal review of whatever book fiction or non-fiction I have just read, I hope to set up something similar for the Wight Fair Writers and Artists Circle page, and I dream of writing articles on varying topics and create a portfolio of works and have these published.


Andrew Hough

Andrew HoughWriting can be pleasure creating can mean pain
I write to unearth treasure not for earthly gain
I meet new exciting people or bring them back to life
I gird up for arduous battle to bravely face the strife
When I can be another person so get under their skin
To jump into a character just for a lengthy spin
I’d explore new strange lands or create a whole new world
Or fully raise the standard to see it properly unfurled
I am a poet plus an author a playwright and a wit
I am the published correspondent who exaggerates a bit
I write for television I write for radio
I write because I want to for God has made me so


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