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Achievements 2014


MaggieCurrieMaggie Currie – In 2014 I seemed to achieve a huge amount. In February I celebrated 30 years of wedded bliss with Kelvin. We treated ourselves to dinner at Rules in Covent Garden, followed by taking out seats in a box at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A stupendous production.

Again in February I moved house from my upstairs flat to a lovely bungalow. This involved a lot of painting of walls and woodwork, installing of a kitchen, a bathroom, central heating etc. Having begun in the previous November, this was achieved at the end of February.

I was invited to take part in the happiness project by a group of students from the Isle of Wight College. This involved me making some short videos on topics that would help young people feel better about themselves. This was for around 6 months and I thoroughly enjoyed taking part. Some of the videos can be seen here.

I wrote and presented two very successful workshops. Each had around 20 attendees who all found out more about themselves, their capabilities and each took home a physical vision of their future life.

I have written many articles for the Huffington Post which have been well received and as a result of one I wrote on manipulative and controlling relationships I was invited to be interviewed live on BBC Radio. This was great fun.

I was invited by Claire to write some articles for Glean Magazine which I have been doing. They seem to be well received too.

I achieved a complete rebrand of me and my website. Creedence is gone and Maggie Currie Coaching has emerged. The site is still evolving and I am working with a lovely lady who is writing my copy for me.

I attended a fabulous retreat in Kent with the lovely Shaa Wasmund MBE. I learned a lot about marketing me, what I want out of my business etc. , and I met some truly inspiring women and made some new friends. I would recommend any woman who wants to run a successful business to go on one of Shaa’s retreats.

I had the privilege of introducing some of our top local bands on stage at Postfest. A lovely little festival held at the Post Box Museum in Fairlee Road over a whole weekend.

I provided head massage to the punters at Rewind Festival, Henley for the 6th year. This is an 80’s band festival and has a great atmosphere and is a pleasure to be at. I have had the pleasure of providing head massage for Katy Piper and her fiancé in the year previously.

I was invited to write some articles for Simple Steps Real Change magazine and these are published globally. This seems a good publication for anyone who wants to improve their life.

I was invited to conduct mock interviews at Carisbrooke College and St. Catherine’s School. These were great fun and help the students prepare for their real life challenges when they leave school and apply for jobs.

I managed to get my 91 year old mum over to the Island for the day. This involved 4 trips on the ferry in one day, but we managed it. Took mum to The Wheatsheaf in Yarmouth for lunch, and showed her the bungalow. She had a great day, but was fairly tired at the end of the day as she is quite frail now.

The one big thing I achieved in 2014 was stepping way, way out of my comfort zone. I don’t like travelling, I don’t like flying and I don’t like travelling or flying on my own. But my friend Heather in Australia, who I have been chatting to every Tuesday (at 7am my time and 5pm her time) since 2011 and with whom I have a great connection and friendship told me in April that she had been diagnosed with melanomas and the doctors had given her 5 months to live. Heather said that she intended to be around for the next 30 years, she has had melanomas before and survived. I made the decision to fly out to Australia and meet Heather in person, to sit with her and chat and support her through one of her chemo sessions. I booked my flights for mid June. I had to buy some new jumpers etc. as it was their winter. I flew out on the Sunday and arrived at 4 am on the Tuesday morning their time. Heather’s husband Geoff had driven 350 k to pick me up at Melbourne airport and drove me 350 k back to Wangaratta and their farm. I met Heather in person and it was just as if we were continuing our conversation from a couple of days ago. We sat and chatted, we went out for a couple of afternoons to Beechworth to have afternoon tea and to Glenrowan where I ‘met’ Ned Kelly. Heather’s friend and co-writer Susan kindly drove us around. On the Friday we drove 350 k to Melbourne and the Alfred Hospital where I supported Heather through her chemo session. We then stayed with her son Rhys and his wife Sonia in Melbourne where we just chatted and watched a few dvds. Heather was very tired as you can imagine. On the Sunday Geoff and Heather dropped me off at Melbourne airport and I flew home again landing on Monday morning. Both trips involved 3 x 6 hours flights stopping at Dubai and Brunei on the way. I achieved something I had not even considered doing until April of 2014. It does all still seem surreal. Sadly Heather died 5 weeks later, but I know I made a difference to her life in the last few weeks and gave her something to look forward to.


Maggie JonesMaggie Jones Achievements for 2014

What a wonderful year it was for me. At the beginning of it, I had another short story published with Alfie Dog Fiction, Gulliver’s Travels. In total I have written nineteen short stories for them, three of which are in compilation books, ‘Came as Me, Left as We,’ ‘Read It Again,’ and ‘A Wish for Christmas.’ I now have my own stand-alone book, Blue’s Adventures published too.

Then in the spring, being the chair of The Wight Fair Writers, the group worked in conjunction with Specsavers the Opticians and helped them with a poetry competition.

To get our Wight Fair Writers out there, I created a face book page for them. On this I put any competitions and other information, I think might benefit them. Also this page is for members to ask any questions and help one another. And any achievements they are pleased with, I encourage them to put them on here too. It’s great to see what they have done, be it with their writing or showing their creative side.

I also created on our website, www.iowwritingcircle.co.uk a members page. This is so when anyone goes onto the website they will be able to access our members and see who is in the circle and what genre they write or if they are artistic, what type of art work they do.

Last year, another article was created, whereby members could write a musing. Each month, a different member writes about whatever they want, and it can be as long or as short as they want it to be. This has proved to be very popular, and we’ve had some wonderful musings. I have also encouraged one of the members to do a regular slot, Chestnut’s Corner, where any books she reads are regularly reviewed on here.

In the summer, I was very much honored to be asked to read a couple of stories from ‘Read It Again,’ at a benefit for Chelsea’s Wishes.

The rest of the year was spent writing short stories for my novel, Blue’s Adventures, which was published on the 25th November. When this was published, I then created Blue’s own face book page. Here people who have brought my book can go and see pictures of Blue. I too photographs of them when they brought their copies. I also went out and about taking photos of Blue from some of the places where he adventures on the island last year.

I have gone out and about selling my book to various book shops, including The Ryde Book Shop, Briddlesford Farm and Godshill Village Shop & Post Office. I also went to Havenstreet Steam Railway and sold my books there when they had their Christmas Santa Specials. I met some lovely people and was very humbled by the way my book has been received. I have had six 5* reviews, and they have all said wonderful things about the book.

Then at the end of the year the Wight Fair Writers held our Christmas writing Competition where we supported the charity Helping Someone. This event went really well and over £300 was raised for the charity.

Some exciting news for the future is The Wight Fair Writers are to become The Wight Fair Writers & Artists Circle in Jan 2015. The group has expanded, from being just a small group of writers to a large group, currently twenty five members, of various talented people from writers, poets and artists.

I hope 2015 is just as wonderful for me.

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