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Members Musings April 2017


Fred CanavanBy Fred Canavan

Do you ever get them? The mid-novel blues, I mean. The feeling that it`s all out of control? Characters  refusing to behave as you ask? Sub-plots breeding like rabbits? That`s where I am at 61K words into `To the last Penny`, my novel of an Edwardian family`s fall from prosperity to poverty played out against the backdrop of genteel Bournemouth in the First World War.

I need to make my mind up – fast. Is Lily Jennings a silly young orphan girl unaware of her attraction for men?  Or is she a conniving little tart who`ll come to a bad end? Hmmm…`

And what about society surgeon, Simon Greaves? Is he simply a heartless ruling-class seducer  ( Boo! Rotter! Cad!).  or is he an honourable man who is helplessly trapped in Lily`s spell?

Also, minor characters are muscling onto the stage, demanding I tell their story. Where did they come from, and what do they want?  Trouble is these people seem to have a mind of their own. Take Victoria Durham. A demure, timid young woman on one page – a furious fighting feminist on the next. How did that happen? I don`t remember.  Is it a case of character development – as the experts recommend? – or is it all a contradictory jumble of  nonsense?  I suppose I must wait and see.

So, it`s  eleven o`clock. I`ve had the mid-morning munchies and coffee. Let`s open the computer and see what they`re doing now – bound to be up to something behind my back. I just wish they`d do as they`re told. Not much to ask, is it?

On a lighter note, I would like you to meet `Little Dennis` – a character from Manchester`s past – and mine. He actually existed. It all seems a long time ago. Anyway, here he is.

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