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Members Musings March 2017


My Muse for Members’ Musings

By Tony Trowbridge

I cannot imagine what it’s like not to get a good night’s sleep.  As my head hits the pillow, I fall straight into a deep and very happy sleep and it has always been like that.  In fact when people say ‘at the drop of a hat’ – that’s me.   I’ve fallen asleep standing up, at the bus stop and I even once managed to fall asleep during a Queen concert at The Coliseum in London before they became famous; as Freddie strutted his stuff, I curled up under one of the tables.

A year or so ago, an old friend contacted me through Facebook; a friend who can never sleep, who hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in years, one who has tried everything from yoga, meditation and  exercise to alcohol and every form or prescribed medication but nothing works.

On occasions, while she was awake during the night, she would take photographs of herself suffering.  She told me about these and I asked to see them.  The anguish in her face was inspirational and I used these images in several hundred of my pictures.  I still find her facial contortions of abject pain and misery great for my art.  She exists in many forms throughout my art and in a small way I am helping her.  She enjoys taking the pictures when she’s at her lowest and then seeing her image on a wall or canvas.

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