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Members Musings January 2017


David WeatherspoonMusical Memories

By David Weatherston

I don`t know about you, but for me, looking back over the years, there are many tunes and songs that bring back memories! Most of them are happy, there are several sad and a few romantic ones that I could`nt possibly discuss in public!!

Back at College in the sixties I remember winning £5 in a jive competition with my partner Pam Smith.The tune we danced to was “Harlem Shuffle” by Bob & Earl and I can recall several of our “moves” which were made all the more difficult because Pam [bless her!] had very sweaty hands and almost slipped away on several occasions! Wherever you are now Pam I hope hope you are still rockin`girl! Also at college I remember the DJ always playing “A Whiter Shade of Pale” by Procul Harem as the last tune of the Saturday night disco and knowing that if you had failed to “pull” by then your evening was effectively over!

Another song that always makes me stop and think back is “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. About twelve years ago a young teenage girl in Bristol took her own life in her bedroom while her parents sat downstairs watching TV. She had been a victim of bullying at school and as I had also suffered in the same way when I was young I could fully understand her distress.She left a note for her friends thanking them for trying to help her and she left a letter for the bullies asking them not to hurt anyone else in the future. She asked for “Everybody Hurts” to be played at her funeral.I remember holding a very emotional Year 8 assembly with the children entering and leaving in silence and playing that song to them after I had spoken to them about the girl`s tragic death.

On a lighter note our band were recently singing a rousing sea shanty called “South Australia”. Our brilliant fiddler Andy, who does`nt usually sing had the verse….

“There ain`t but one thing grieves my mind…Heave away, Haul Away,
To leave Miss Nancy Blair behind…We`re bound for South Australia”

Unfortunately Andy got the words slightly wrong and sang:-

” There ain`t but one thing grieves my mind…Heave away, Haul Away,
To leave Miss Nancy`s bare behind…We`re bound for South Australia”

At which point the whole band collapsed into helpless giggles!!!

So next time you hear a song that brings back memories stop for a moment and think. I hope your thoughts will be happy ones!!

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